Birthday Lunch at Casalinga Restaurant

Birthday Lunch at Casalinga Restaurant

Birthday Lunch was celebrated as Saturday was my son Liam’s 30th birthday, and Sunday my husband Steve’s … birthday. We chose to have family lunch at Casalinga yesterday, to celebrate their birthdays. It is one of my favourite Sunday lunch restaurants. The setting is beautiful out in the country, the atmosphere great and the food delicious. They do a set menu for Sunday lunches, but there are lots of choices for each course, so one really doesn’t feel limited.

They bring delicious homemade bread and a divine salad for the table. Lots of the salad ingredients come from their garden which you can really taste.


My starter was fresh mussels in a tomato cream sauce. Do you think I enjoyed them???

Main Course

I just love pork belly and generally choose it when I see it on a menu. And Casalinga’s is divine…….How do I know??? Because I have had it before…and before….and before! They stuff it, slow roast it and serve it with crackling on the top.


The dessert choices make it really difficult to choose. I was going to have creme brûlée, but chose one of my favourites that one doesn’t often see in restaurants, Floating island. Their version of floating island and I must say it was delicious. I could have licked the plate! Liam and Jane had the creme brûlée and said it was great. I heard the cracking of the top which is always a good sign too.

Then, of course, something I can’t resist. The happy birthday part. How to embarrass grown men! The waiters sang Happy Birthday in English and then waiter Manny, sang it in Zulu and Italian beautifully.  Wow! We had such a lovely happy lunch, filled with many stories and laughter. With full tummies we took a stroll around the gardens admiring the beautiful flowers, vegetable gardens and fruit trees. Needless to say we were just about the last to leave, and reluctantly strolled to our cars stopping along the way for a pic or two. If you would like a lovely Sunday lunch, visit and make sure you book!

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