For My Mother On Her Day

For My Mother On Her Day

If my mom was still here I would have a Mothers Day lunch for her with all our family who was her world, and make all her favourite food. Her children and grandchildren gathered around our table, beautifully decorated with her favourite garden roses, old silver cutlery, linen napkins and her wine glass that had to be filled with ice when you poured in her white wine (already a light wine). We told her it spoilt the wine…. but she said it was her wine and that’s how she liked it…….and who can argue with that?

She would sit facing the window that looks out into our garden where the bird feeders are, so she could see all the typical garden birds she loved.  As always there would be lots of banter amongst all of us, laughter and stories. I can hear her special laugh as she would relish every moment.  And these are some of the memories that have kept her with us.

Our starter would be garlic drenched snails which she absolutely loved.  She taught my boys to eat these snails from when they were little.  We often had people looking at us in restaurants when our 2 year old ordered snails, but boy there wasn’t a morsel or a bit of garlic left when they were finished.  To this day, at 30 and 26 they still order snails as their favourite starter!

For main course we would have Mozambique Queen prawns with garlic, Peri peri and lemon butter – her very best. Her second choice would be duck with orange or black cherry sauce, but for this Mothers Day I would make her prawns, because right now I would give her anything just for her to be with us again.

For dessert, because she loved chocolate I would make decadent, gooey middle, caramel brownies with praline crunch, served with Contreau cream and vanilla ice cream.

Happy mothers day mom, I love and miss you more and more each day.


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  • Brought tears to my eyes – what a lovely memory to have shared. Hope my boys feel the same when I am no longer here! Your mum and I drank wine exactly the same way so I am glad someone else enjoyed ice with their wine! Would love the pud recipe………

    • Thanks Jen, and nice to know my memory stirred an emotion in you too. Even I have started to drink wine like that, especially at lunch time. Those long lazy Sunday lunches need wine with ice. The purists would be horrified no doubt.
      I have emailed you the pud recipe so enjoy, because it is so delicious.

  • Thank you for this beautiful story and the spectacular desert! Can’t wait to make it for my fa,iky

  • Lovely message. We often think our moms will be with us forever but today my heart goes out to everyone missing a mother and mothers missing their children. Enjoyed every minute I spent with my mom and my daughter, and realized again how blessed I am.
    Will definitely try your caramel brownie recipe

    • You are so right Maryke, we think our moms will be with us forever. So nice to hear how you acknowledge the blessing of having your mom and daughter with you. x

  • This is my first Mothers Day without my Mom and I miss her every day. Your blog about your Mom was lovely. Will think about our Moms tomorrow ❤️❤️

    • Aaah Lin, the first of everything without her is always the hardest.Will be thinking of you and our moms tomorrow too. x x

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