My Exciting New Website

My Exciting New Website

I’m sure you had thought that Table Memories had disappeared. Well I’m back with my exciting new website which I now love.

I started my blog and website Table Memories, two years ago, after closing Bay Tree Cooking School, and boy did that test me. Technically I struggled, as I am from “THAT” generation. I also didn’t have the necessary support that I should have had. However, my son has come to my rescue and has redone this website to make it user friendly to me, the operator (very important). Previously there was too much back coding which I didn’t want at all, so now it is all sorted and I am ready to go again.

Unfortunately, I have lost a lot of what I posted before, so apologies for that. Now I hope to be posting more often, as well as more recipes.

Cooking Classes
As I have missed teaching and sharing my love of food, I have decided to do “Pop Up” classes from my home. What this means, is that every now and again I will teach a class like I did before. To hear about these classes one needs to be subscribed to my mailing list (if you receive emails from me already there is no need to signup again). When I schedule a class it will show on the website (on the Cooking Classes page) and you’ll receive emails to inform you of these events enabling you to book. Click here to see my upcoming cooking lesson on the 30th May.

Foodie and Lifestyle Tours
Do you feel like taking time out from your normal daily life? Come and “escape” with me on a Foodie and Lifestyle Tour.
Not only will you meet some like minded people, you will also have some well deserved “me” time. Leave behind everyday cooking, daily chores and work, and concentrate on you.
You’ll have time to enjoy the activities, time to reflect, time to explore and always time for fun and laughter. People come home from these tours feeling inspired, fulfilled and revitalised.
You’ll be looked after every step of the way, and won’t have to think of a thing other than enjoying yourself. All you need to do is make special memories.
Click here for my upcoming tours and I hope you’ll join me soon.

Happy Cooking
Deb x

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