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Marinated feta and pepper platter


1 lemon                                        

1 cloves garlic, for feta

2 rosemary sprigs                          

6 sprigs thyme

½ cup extra virgin olive oil            

1 cup olives

1 punnet creamy feta                    

2 red peppers

1 clove garlic, for peppers            

½ cup olive oil, for peppers


1. With potato peeler cut wide strips of lemon zest, and place in a Tupperware bowl.

2. Thinly slice the garlic and add to the lemon zest and also add the herbs.

3. Cut the feta into blocks and add to the bowl along with the olives.

4. Pour over the olive oil and lightly mix. Marinate in the fridge at least overnight but can be done days before.

5. Oven roast the red peppers by cutting them in half, rubbing with olive oil and roasting for 40 mins at 200C until charred and blistered.

6. When they are roasted, remove from oven and cover with cling wrap until cool. Then peel and slice into thin slices. Place in a bowl and add garlic and olive oil. Marinate in fridge at least overnight.

To serve:

Pita bread brushed with olive oil and heated, then cut. Cucumber cut into spears

On a board or platter place the marinated feta and olives. Now sprinkle over the peppers. Serve with the Pita and cucumber spears.

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